“Don Dada On The Down Low Getting Godly In His Game: Between and Beyond Play and Prayer in the Abecedarius”
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American Poet, Spring 2006

Verse Wisconsin: Matthea interviewed by Wendy Vardaman,

Matthea interviewed by Michael Silverblatt aka “The Bookworm”

Post-apocalypse, Poetry and Robots
Matthea interviewed by Jeannine Hall Gailey,

Bookslut: An Interview with Matthea Harvey
October, 2007

The Literally Literal / radio interview
October, 2007

Interview between Matthea Harvey and Ellen Harvey (her sister) as part of Generation 1.5, an exhibition at the Queens Museum
June, 2007

Matthea interviews Kara Walker for BOMB Magazine
Summer, 2007

Tarpaulin Sky
Fall/Winter 2006